Christian Guitar Tabs

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Christian Guitar Tabs

If you are hunting for guitar tabs for Christian music, don't give up. It's out there, it's just a little harder to find than tabs for secular music. The reason for this is simple. Being categorized as Religious, Christian music has become stigmatized and labeled as being “not as good” as secular (or non-Christian) music.  Many people have come to believe that those who make Christian music are too reserved to fully express how they really feel musically; and since Rock and Roll is the “devil’s music,” there’s no way that Christians could make music like Led Zeppelin, or Kansas.  Now that’s totally wrong!  Just look at some successful rock bands such as: Petra, David Crowder Band, Dc Talk, Relient K; all of whom have left a significant impact on the music world, Christian and non-Christian alike!

The truth is that “Christian” music is just as good as any other type and/or genre of music.  The only significant difference is that Christian music is driven and influenced by Jesus Christ – most often lyrically. 
When it comes to Christian guitar tabs, there really isn’t much of a difference between them and “regular” guitar tabs.  The guitar work written for Christian music can be just as simple or as complex and intricate as any other musical act.  Whether the music has been written by a so-called “Christian band,” or by a band that is not affiliated with Christ at all, guitar tabs are still tabbed the exact same way: the guitar tabs still consist of a series of horizontal lines with each line representing one of the strings on the guitar; the lines of the tabs are still labeled with letters on the left representing the string names; numbers are still written on the lines also, where each number represents a fret on the instrument; various lines, arrows and other symbols are STILL used to denote bends, hammer-ons, trills, Pull-offs, slides, etc; and on and on.
Secular and Christian guitar tabs are one and the same, and music is music.  When it comes down to it, all musicians are out to do the same thing, make music that makes listening people happy inside!

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