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When attempting to learn how to play a song, many musicians or just-for-fun guitar players run into a problem, and that problem is speed. Even some of the greatest guitar players experience some amount of difficulty when trying to learn how to play a song that is played at an accelerated speed. Something that can assist a person in learning that seemingly impossible song is a slow-down tool for guitar riffs, solos and licks.

slow down music

Song Surgeon makes learning difficult guitar riffs and solo’s much easier by enabling you to slow the music down.

Within many riffs, licks and solos lies lightning speed and tricky maneuvering over the fret board. We all know that it is nearly impossible to sit down and learn some fast and complex solo; for instance, something from Jimmy Page, Terry Kath, Steve Howe, or Jimi Hendrix. And, in order to clearly hear and understand exactly what is being played by something is difficult as what these guys play, you will need to slow down the music. Thankfully, due to today’s advanced music technology, there is software on the market that will do just that: slow down the music!

Once you plug the song that you are trying to master, into whatever kind of software you have purchased, then you can slow it down so you can really hear what notes are being played. And beyond that you will be able to hear all of the bends of the strings, the hammer-ons, pull-offs, finger tapping, etc. Again, I must emphasize the importance of being able to hear exactly what it is that you are trying to play, and how tough it is to learn certain parts of songs without some type of auditory aid. It seems that, these days, much is within reach when learning how to play beginning through professional guitar, because we have the technology at our fingertips, and it is often quite affordable. is a division of Todd, Michael and James, Inc.
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