Bad Company — Can’t Get Enough

Bad Company remains one of the most celebrated English bands in the field of classic rock since their inception in 1973. They made their mark all across the world by creating some of the most influential rock ’n’ roll music and eternal rock anthems that would appeal to any music lover. Bad Company’s backbone is the unparalleled and unrivalled Paul Rodgers, who is undoubtedly the finest singer in rock ’n ’ roll music. This gifted artist formed Bad Company in 1973 after the collapse of another great band «Free» that created some great music for almost five years.

Bad Company came to life when Paul Rodgers and Mick Ralphs got together and recruited Kirke and bassist/vocalist Boz Burrell. The name Bad Company was inspired by 1972 Robert Benton Civil War film of the same name. The band name became a controversy when Bad Company signed up with Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song label simply because the record company perceived it as a terrible name. Paul fought with the record company and literally told them that it is going to be Bad Company, deal or no deal. Swan Song’s manager Peter Grant was so highly impressed with Paul’s feelings that he convinced the record company to accept the name. This was the beginning of a new legendary rock ’n’ roll band.

Bad Company became an over night phenomenon with the release of their very first album in 1974 with the same name. This self-titled debut album became platinum five times over. Featuring the amazing Bad Company guitar lick and vocals, it mesmerized people all across the world with such hits as «Can’t Get Enough» (number one single) and «Movin’ On» along with electrifying rock anthems like «Ready For Love», «Rock Steady» and the title track.

Bad Company’s ability to blend rock, blues and even country music was an amazing feat that remains matchless. Their talent is depicted in skillfully composed songs such as the beautiful ballad «Seagull» and «Superstar Woman.» Although, «Superstar Woman» did not achieve the heights that Bad Company expected, Paul Rodgers’ belief in the song was undying. He would eventually record a new version of the song for «Cut Loose», in his 1983 solo album.


Bad Company’s next feather in the cap was 1975 release of the triple-platinum album Straight Shooter which featured the Top Ten smash ballad «Feel Like Makin’ Love» that also won a Grammy Award. «Shooting Star» from the same album was another big hit.

Straight Shooter enjoyed international success, reaching number three on both the UK and US album charts making the group as one of the most popular concert attractions in the world. «Run With The Pack» in 1976 was the band’s third consecutive platinum album that speaks for the incredible success and popularity, they enjoyed in a very short time. «Silver, Blue & Gold», «Desolation Angels», «Rough Diamonds» were the other successful albums that followed. In September of 2002 Paul Rodgers was invited to perform for England’s Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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