20 Sep 2017 
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 Musical Fonts in Music Pad Not Working
 If you encounter the problem that the musical fonts selection within Music Pad is not working, please do the following:Download the musical font using the link below.http://songsurgeon.com/files/musical.ttfOnce do
 Where can I find my software key?
  Song Surgeon and Video Surgeon do not use public keys. Our systems requires you to register the software on first use. This registration activates and unlocks the software. If you have a new computer or are simply
 Windows 8 and WinpCap
  If you have Windows 8, and are installing Video Surgoen or Song Surgeon, the WinpCap part of theinstallation will fail.   This is because the winpCap installer (not the program itself) is incompatiblewith Windows 8.  Here is h
 I may have reached my 3 machine limit.. how do I know?
  We allow you to register and activate 3 machines at once with our software.  If you are concerned you havereached this limit or want to remove an old machine that was registered, but which you no longer use, you can do so my logging in t
 Link to Download the product again
  Our Help Desk has a DOWNLOADS section in our help desk from which we keep links to all of our products. These are available for download at any time. If you need to replace a computer, once you get your new machine, you would go to this DOWNLOADS sect
 Reinstalling on a different machine
 To reinstall go to the Download section of the Help Desk.There you will find links to all of our products.  Downloadthe version of the product you had previously.After installing, on first run, just re-register.  You are allowed
 YouTube Mp4 videos have not sound
  YT seems to be making some changes and that seems to include how they handle mp4 files.   My guess is that the files you downloaded with no audio are mp4s.  I have seen this same thing-- and in fact have used 3 other downloaders on mp4  file
 I need to reinstall Song Surgeon or Video Surgeon; how do I do this?
 The current version of Song Surgeon (and all of our software) can be found in the "Downloads Section" of the Help Desk. You don’t need anything from use to reinstall, simply grab the copy of the version of
 Your website does not seem to be working correctly. When I attempt to place an order by clicking the submit buttons on the shopping cart, nothing happens.
 This situation is most often due to the security settings on your browser. Please lower the security settings and try again. In Internet Explorer these settings can be adjusted as follows: >>>> Open your browser and go to >>>> T
 When I attempt to download the files nothing happens
 This problem is caused by the security settings on your computer/browser. If your security settings are too high, you may not be able to download these files. Please try the following two suggestions in the order given. 1. Please lowe
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