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Keep up the good work!
Just a quick note to tell you I really like the course. I am strictly an amateur player and play for my own relaxation and amusement at home with my wife who plays piano. I am currently working through the Jamorama lessons which are also fantastic learning tools but I love your course because in a matter of minutes I can pick up the basic riffs and melodies that everyone recognizes. I would love to see more volumes. My first love is blues followed by the Southern rock sound (Allman Brothers, etc) and much of Eric Clapton's music. Keep up the good work!
Ken Cram
Guateng, South Africa
Well worth the money.
I`ve been playing around with it, I`m just a newbie, but I know it will be outstanding , once I get a little time under my belt, well worth the money
Scott Poirier
East Boston, MA
.Easier and quicker than having to read music
This has been an outstanding course and i have got so much pleasure out of it. After initially learning the guitar in my youth, I have not played for approximately 20 years and your course has encouraged me to start playing again. It is great to learn to play all those songs I never could. Your system is so much easier and quicker than having to read music which I found pretty boring. My only regret is about 2 years ago I gave away my electric guitar to a friend so now I will have to buy a new one, but it is probably time for an upgrade anyway. I cannot think of anything to improve your course, it is excellent.
The Banksman
Far easier for a novice like me.
I have been playing for about a year, and what I like about the site, is not only the real guitar sound, but the fact you can slow it down, which makes it far easier for a novice like me to understand. It also helps with ear training. I am surprised at how quickly I have been able to pick it up. I would not have been able to do that, if it was only played at the right speed. Once I have been able to master it, I will certainly be re visiting and purchasing other lessons.
Dave Ball
It's so easy to follow.
I received the guitar lesson course three weeks ago and have been putting in an hour or so practice every night since then. As a bass player who wants to learn rhythm / lead guitar the course is great. It's so easy to follow. In a few months I'm confident I will be able to jam with friends playing lead guitar. Thanks for all your help.
Bill Roantree
Valley Cottage, NY
"Best of the best" songs in history.
I really like your guitar leads course. Not so much for what it teaches but for the compilation of all the leads for what has got to be the "best of the best" songs in music history. It will take me personally forever to learn all the leads here, as I am just getting started playing lead guitar. But, to have all this material at my fingertips when ever I want it will keep me practicing perfection for years to come.
David Spurell
Your course is amazing!
Hi, I ordered your course and it is amazing! I played guitar in the late 60's and early 70's but have not picked up one since. I recently decided to play again so I decided to begin with your fundamentals. Thanx
Address Not Given
Course is very helpful.
The course is very helpful. I wish I had more time to practice. As for me, I am a beginner so it would be hard for me to say what you could do to improve the course? I would definitely be interested in anymore volumes that you come out with in the future, Also I would recommend this course to anyone. I was inspired to play when I started listening to david gilmore. I would like to see more of his lead solos In the future. Thanks for the great lesson.
Cole Harvey
Fernley, NV
Having a great time learning.
I spend sometimes, up to 4 hours a day playing and practicing my guitar and your music. I am 51 years old and am having a great time learning. I have learned a lot, believe me! And I have learned it from your CD. My opinion, and it is only an opinion; is too add video to each one of your riffs.

As an instructor in martial arts, I have many different types of students. Some learn by reading, some by listening, and others by watching. In my classes, I use all three of the students 'senses.' If you took the time (and I believe it would take a while) to add video then people like me could even learn at a faster rate. I am also one of those people/students that learn quicker, by watching and doing, then by reading and listening. Just my opinion Tony, just an old man's opinion.
Steven Pollard
Somersworth, NH
I highly recommend the course.
The course has been great for me. I've only been playing for a few years and my "ear" is not that good yet. To have all these riffs and leads written out and to be able to hear them is wonderful. I am able to pick things up very quickly. I highly recommend the course to any guitar player.
Peter Crowe
Nova Scotia
The student will learn very quick.
This course is by far the best that I have ever worked with, and yes when you say the student will learn very Quick you are right!
Ed Hobenshield
British Columbia, Canada
The Leads have also become "collectors items".
I am 51 and decided to take up guitar playing again and more seriously this time. Buying your Guitar Leads course is one of the best ideas I ever had. Not only was the slow-down option invaluable for learning, the Leads have also become "Collectors Items" for me. I guess the only thing I would like to see for the future is the ability to collect more Leads on an individual basis, for example "Purple Haze", and perhaps small video clips of the finger motions. Thank-you!
Martin Teigland
Worms, Germany

Your method is truly AMAZING!
First of all I wanted to say Thank You for sending these emails and for the free sample courses, your method is truly AMAZING! This is the first time I have ever been able to learn lead guitar so quickly and accurate, the way that you present the lessons are the best I have ever seen, I dont know why this method has not been thought of before. I am currently going through a very hard time in my life, I dont want to ramble on but I just want to let you know in the coming days I plan on purchasing all volumes of your lessons, I am not currently working, I have been on disability and have been financially strapped and havent recieved a paycheck for quite some time, this will all be changing next month and I should be getting back on my feet again. Please do not stop sending your emails as I stated earlier I plan on purchasing your entire lesson. I have been playing guitar for over 30 years, I play mostly rhythm guitar and very little lead, that is due because I never took the time to sit and learn the scales essential for playing lead guitar, that is until I recieved a free lesson from you via email, within 15 minutes I was playing the lead to "Ramblin Man". I was honestly amazed how easy you made this lesson and made it so fun, this is without a doubt the easiest and most enjoyable way to learn lead guitar! Most folks (if your like me ) don't take the time to sit and learn a lead riff, you have to keep listening to the song, stop the tape, go back, stop again, your method cut the time in a way that I can only keep describing as AMAZING!

In closing I just wanted to say Thank You once again for the free lessons, this is the first time I have ever seen anyone give a free lesson in the way you have done. I would and have recommended your courses to anyone wanting to learn to play guitar, I feel if anyone could not learn from this course then they are either not physically able or their computer has crashed. Simply put, this is the easiest, funnest, most comprehensive way to learn guitar, and it is the lowest cost guitar lesson I have ever seen! Again, please keep me on your mailing list.

Have a great day.
Jeff Jones
Ashland, KY
Looking for that little bit more.
I bought your course all 4 volumes and at first was not so sure about it, only because I was waiting for the discs to be delivered and only had access to your theory lessons. I knew all you had to teach (which is really good for the- beginners). So what I am trying to say is that I didn't actually have a great idea about what I had bought but your guarantee convinced me to do so along with the limit I had to buy it (that day).

So it arrived and I checked it out, gave it a shot and I was well impressed. It was exactly what i am looking for. I'm an intermediate guitarist so this is great to keep me happy while learning the deeper stuff about the guitar. I bought another program a month back which has it all, great, but no sane person could learn this stuff and have that much fun at the same time. So instead of learning new tunes i am learning a huge variety of riffs that are great fun and I have no doubt that these riffs will be a key factor in my success with the guitar.

Anyone at my stage in guitaring will be looking for that little bite more to do with the guitar and this IS it! I'm glad I bought your program because it's brilliant all the best mate
Terry Moles
United Kingdom
A failsafe.
The leads as outlined by you are a failsafe (and accurate) way to make quick progress. My only gripe (and it is probably shared by many of your customers) is it is frustrating to get just a taste of great songs. I would prefer studying one song in its entirety, including chords. While some musicians will be able to figure out the correct key and some chords from your leads details, most probably flounder. Your lead examples are great for accumulating an impressive portfolio of licks to impress friends, but I'm sure you'd win over even more players by putting the solos into the full context of the song (if copyright allows). There's plenty of rubbish out there which leads enthusiastic guitarists up blind alleys, so your approach is a shining light - and long overdue. But I'm hoping you can take it a few steps further and give us the full satisfying song spread instead of only a tantalizing appetizer which leaves us wannabee guitar heroes craving more. Keep up the good work and I hope you get around to offering us the classic "Spanish" inspired solo in Steve Harley and Cockney Rebels' Make Me Smile (circa 1976) and more of that classic grunge power-pop from Badfinger.
Learning at a speed that I never thought possible..
(Feedback before receiving leads program)
Your 4 free samples were superb in term of sound and quality. I had Ramblin Man and Stairway to Heaven down pat before I got my money order in the mail. They're awesome. Thanks

(Feedback after receiving leads program)
Your leads course is incredible, I've been playing almost four years and been looking for something just like this. I am self taught and coming along well, but this course has me moving at a speed of learning that I never thought was possible, I am deeply in your debt.
Jim Lyons
Brimley, MI
I really learned a lot from your course.
What a great course! As someone who has been playing for several years without ever taking a lesson, I really learned a lot from your course. I especially enjoyed the Guitar Leads Course. The biggest advantage of this play along course for me is the half speed feature. By being able to slow the pace, you actually decrease the learning time! I am looking forward to Volume 2. Thanks a 1,000,000!
Larry Fletcher
Temecula, CA
Excellent value and a superb study tool.
I have been playing guitar for a good number of years from having taught myself. The Guitar Leads course has ignited my imagination, by allowing me to learn familiar licks, quickly and easily - which I then can learn from. All together excellent value and a superb study tool.
Stu Whisson.
Thanks a million.
I ordered your product just to get the guitar intro to "I Can Help". You have no idea how many years I tried to figure that out. Thanks a million. I would have liked to have had the rest of the guitar solo also.....that would have been a bonus.
Gerry Berg
Vancouver, BC - Canada
Always wanted to learn more leads.
I am pleased with the Guitar Leads course and am glad I purchased it. I've played the guitar since I was 13 (I'm now 55), but the only band I've ever been in disbanded when I was 17 and I've gone long periods without playing much at all. I've always considered myself a rhythm guitarist but have always wanted to learn more leads. The course shows me I can play some leads - at least if I keep working at it. I think this CD gives me a very nice way to learn these leads. Every lead I've worked on from your CD seems to match genuinely the original recording - a very important point to me.
Jimmy Chandler
Pawleys Island , SC
Thanks for giving me my guitar back.
I have enjoyed the course very much. I have played on and off for 30 years and I have fallen into a major rut... I never had much time to learn anything new. With this course I have learned more in the past couple of weeks then I have over the last several years.

Keep up the good work and thanks for giving me my guitar back, cause that is exactly what you have done! God bless.
Tom Clark
Garland, TX
Very inspiring.
Your course was very inspiring as one who has played guitar for years. By slowing the lead riffs down it is much easier to pick up the various notes. I am game for any new products that you may come up with. Thanx
Matt Johnston
Highland, MI
An outstanding product.
Thank you! Please accept my thanks for an outstanding product at an even better price..I am embarrassed to say I have been playing guitar for 15 years, and never learned licks the right way.

This is without question the best product I have ever seen. Learning theory and scales are absolutely essential, but playing an A minor pentatonic 55 times in a row is not very gratifying. Learning classic licks is..Volume 5 is a must.keep up the outstanding work.
Gary Furman
Jacksonville, Fl
I would recommend this course to anyone.
Without any question, your Guitar Leads Course is simply the most superior product I have ever tried. I am a well accomplished rhythm player that spent many years of frustration trying to play riffs and leads. Seeing a written tab is one thing, but hearing it, from a guitar, played in a loop, is absolutely the most superior and best way to learn and learn the right way. I have learned more in the last two weeks than I have in 15 years. I would recommend this course to anyone that plays guitar, regardless of their level. How do I sign up to get volume 5??
Gary Furman
Jacksonville, Fl
I love working through your lessons.
I've played guitar, banjo, and keyboards for dozens of years but your course is the very best I've ever come across. During a trip to Nashville this year I finally purchased the Les Paul I've wanted for about 20 years. I ordered your course and couldn't wait to get Les out and work through the licks. Thanks for an excellent product!!! Though 90% of my music today is with our church praise band, I still am a "closet rocker" and love working through your lessons.
Greg England
Long Beach, CA
Not just rookies are attracted to your course.
Thanks for checking out our website, and specially thanks for signing the guestbook. The strat is a re-issue. She is still a babe though. Plays like butter. I thought you might be interested in the fact that not just rookies are attracted to your course.

I also wanted to let you know that your guitar leads program is the Mac Daddy dude!! It is so cool that you actually have the examples recorded from an actual guitar/ guitars. The difference from the typical midi stuff is night and day. Great idea!! Your efforts in putting this together show your love for the music. Also the format is great!!! Looped samples, half tempo in the same pitch. Awesome stuff. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. You have helped me improve my lead playing ability tenfold.
Mike Duquette
Dunkirk, IN
Great way to break down difficult leads.
Your guitar leads course has made it very easy for average player to pick up many leads from songs that I have loved listening to all my life! It is a great way to "break-down" difficult leads and by learning a little at a time, you don't find your self overwhelmed and quitting because its to hard to learn.
Mike Weitzel
Jacksonville, Florida
Tony, don't know where to start to thank you. I have been playing the guitar for twenty years always been happy just singing strumming away. Your guitar course has been like starting all over again with fresh enthusiasm and I'm looking forward to playing along with your course every night, and that's after at least 2 months. So, Tony thank you and your team, music has always been a good out let for myself and with the aid of your course has and will still improve my guitar playing (can you do anything for my singing? only kidding). Have booked marked you new web site and I'm sure that now I know the quality of your product I'LL BE BACK.
Steve Stebbeds
Dover UK
.farther along in a couple of weeks than I have been able to do in years
Thank you for inquiring. I play electric base and rhythm guitar. I have spent many hours on learning the scales and theories and trying to put them to use on lead guitar. Your course has got me farther along in a couple of weeks than I have been able to do in years. Thank you again for a great course.
Gary Brockway
Pahrump, NV
Even learned a couple of tunes I could never get the hang of.
Having been a guitarist since the sixties I found this course to be the best and easiest course to follow. I've even learned a couple of tunes i could never get the hang of before. Looking forward to the next disk. Regards

I have had some fun with it.
Yea I have had some fun with it, and it's always great to learn a new lead solo without having to work so hard at it. I have been playing for almost forty years now and found the leads to be accurate. I would like to see more complete solo's since I just don't have time these days to break them down on my own. I would love to see Pride and Joy (SRV) complete. I broke it down some time back and would like to compare what you have on it.
Dale Swann
Springfield, IL
This is the only website that you'll ever need.
"This is the only website you will ever need. Tony has entertained audiences all over the world with his masterful guitar playing and now you too can learn his secrets. Having appeared on stage myself with Jan & Dean, The Beach Boys and countless other artists, Tony will be my next guitar player when I tour again. Check it out, you won't go wrong."
Dr. Chuck Stevens
("Breakfast with the Beatles" #1 Rated Super Radio Jock Personality)
Thanks for such a great idea.
I have been playing guitar since I was 14 years old. I'm now 61 and I have always wanted to learn most of the licks you guys have put on your CDs. I admit, I already knew some of them before I got the course. I found it interesting that I have been playing the Stairway to Heaven licks EXACTLY the same way as you transcribed and recorded on your CD. One other note (as a friend of mine, also a fellow musician) once said about guitar players, "They won't let you into California unless you can play Stairway to Heaven". By the way, I'm originally from Lancaster, PA (about 34 years ago, that is). I know I'm going to enjoy learning all these fantastic licks that I've wished I knew all my life! Thanks for such a great idea of putting that all together.
Ray Schuck
Alta Loma, CA
A very progressive practice tool.
The blues and rock lines are great for practice and again to have a line that included the lick could round that exercise out better.Anyways, these are two ideas and I think overall this is a great and very progressive practice tool. I'm like you are for looking to the Internet for providing music practice tools. Regards,
John Fredrickson
Lead guitar veteran
Littleton, CO

My leads are becoming more effortless.
Man, I just had to drop you a line again. It's been almost six months since I ordered your Guitar Leads course. As you know from my previous mails I am very, very pleased with the course. I had no idea however how valuable your course is untill recently. For the most part, I was a rhythm guitar player. Oh sure, I played a few leads but by far most of my work in the many bands I have been in was in the rhythm section. A year ago this April my best friend and I started our own band. True to form I was holding down the rhythm job for the most part. I just couldn't seem to get over the hump and get the lead parts happening. Then I ran across your Guitar Leads course. After a couple months working on my playing I noticed that I was feeling more confident soloing and also the notes were actually flowing. Up until then I struggled with almost every lead I attempted.

Well my friend, let me tell you this..........Right now, I am holding down a good third of the lead guitar work in our four hour shows. My leads are becoming more effortless day by day. I can finally relax and ENJOY what I am playing instead of struggling to get the notes right. I recently took on Liza Jane. You know, the Vince Gill one. It took me a month of practice, but I got it. Now, it's not quite perfect yet, and every once in awhile I miss a note or two, but to even attempt something that complicated for me is amazing.

You know, I never would have had the chance to play like this without your course and encouragement. Your course has opened so many doors for me it is incredible. Thank you again my friend for such a great tool. It was just what the doctor ordered to get me over the hump and playing some kickin lead guitar!
Mike Duquette
Dunkirk, IN
Extremely helpful.
This was actually very helpful. I had to learn a couple of songs very quickly as I was playing out in a couple of days. The leads to two of the 6 songs we played were listed in your course. It was extremely helpful.
John, Yardley, PA
A real winner!
Tony has unique qualifications: a master of the guitar who practices and performs regularly; an artist with professional experience on stages of every type imaginable; certification as a schoolteacher. Beyond the professional listings, though, I'm proud to say that Tony is a friend - a caring, thoughtful person who truly shows an interest in everyone he meets. He never quits a project until it's done right, and that quality carries through to every aspect of his professional music career. A real winner!"
Chaz Mechenbier
(Former guitar player for Country Greats: Ronnie Milsap and Jerry Reed)
I wish I could play like you.
"What a pleasure meeting you- I wish I could sing and play like you my friend- I wish nothing but the best for you"... -
Billy Swan 4/6/02
Number 1 Hit Song artist from the 70's. The song was "I Can Help"
I benefited from the course.
The Tony Alfano course is a great tool. I benefited from the course. However, if I were you guys, I would pick not songs, but a couple of players (Michael Bloomfield) styles, and just demo some riffs, intros, fills, or outtros etc. This way a student can add to his own style. Now I am an older band player, and younger folks may look at songs, particularly. But people like me working on a style, could care less about how someone did Rambling Man for instance.
George Burks
Huntsville , AL
Your leads have helped me immensely.
Thank you for having such a great product! My name is Rick Morris, and I play Guitar in a cover band in the north Atlanta area. Our name is MidLife Crisis, and we are having a blast playing music for people. Your leads have helped me immensely! As far as feedback goes, I would like to see 2 more things listed with the songs....the "key" of the song, and also the tempo (bpm). Hope this helps. Also, I will attach our play list, and any of these songs would be great on "Guitar Leads 5" ! Our web site is THANK YOU !
Rick Morris
Atlanta, GA
I'd give it a 10!
I purchased all 4 Volumes of your Guitar Leads course. I would put myself as an intermediate guitar player, played in bands (still do) but mainly blues and 50's - 60's rock so lot's of I IV V's (12 bar stuff).

I have recently got involved with a band that does a lot of cover tunes, Eagles, thru Mowtown etc. Anything that get's people off their seat and on their feet!

So I really need a fast accurate way of learning new leads/riff's material etc that is authentic i.e. I can learn the tune and play along note for note with CD/MP3.

So far your program has delivered! As yet I haven't attempted all of the leads. However the ones I have used have been great. The sound quality is excellent, the loop function is very useful, the actual notation of the leads and backing are right on the money.. excellent! I have tried other TAB sights on the internet but most of the time they are just someone else's interpretation of the lead and usually nothing like it! Other programs I have tried have had nice graphics but the sound is obviously a synthesized keyboard and nothing like a guitar which makes it somehow not sound like an accurate interpretation of the tune.

So in summary I think the Lead course is excellent quality (and value) and a very practical fast accurate learning tool.. I'd give it a 10!

As for improvements, from a personal stand point I'd like to see more tunes available, (perhaps the complete tune).

What about selling individual tunes as a posed to a group? That way you don't have to purchase choices that you won't use.

From a technical point of view it would be nice if perhaps the notes (Tab) were to light up in sync with the audio. It would also be nice to see a chord symbol over the Tab'ed chords for the backing track that way you don't have to figure out the tab, you can see what chord it is and find the root position from the tab.

Anyway, just a personal point of view with some things I'd personally like. All in all a great product, looking forward to the new stuff! Great job!!

All the best,
Andy Clements

Visual is easy to follow.
I like the course very much. The visual is easy to follow and the audio lets me know how close I come to the masters. I have even been able to take two separate riffs by separate artists and combine them to make one of my own.

I teach beginner to intermediate guitar at a local community center and have recommended your course to at least three students who wanted to start playing riffs.
Ken Duff
Ottawa, Canada
It saves me a lot of time.
The course is great. I'm the guitar teacher you sent it to. The course is basically what I do when teaching someone licks; I transcribe it myself, put it into tab, and play it for the student. Then he practices it and absorbs it. What has been helpful to me is that your course already has the licks all worked out, making my life and job simpler :)

It saves me a lot of time and, when teaching, the preparation time, -- as you know, you guys are probably teachers too -- can be so much that you're really not making much money off a lesson! Very nice job, glad I found out about you from David Hodge of
Rick Fortenberry
East Dennis, MA
Better than brick and mortar stores.
The staff and owner of Guitar Leads and Guitar RX provided me with exceptional technical service to answer all my questions and make sure I could download all of the material correctly. They have provided the finest service I have received from any internet vendor-actually better than brick and mortar stores as well! I higly recommend their products and services.
Wayne L.
Guitar Instructor
Northern California

Thank you for some unbelievable customer service.
Thank you for some really unbelievable customer service. I never imagined getting this resolved in as little time as it took. I have downloaded the files and will reinstall later. Many other companies could learn from you and how your company does business. I would have no second thoughts about doing business again. Thanks for you help and by the way, I do enjoy the Guitar Leads product I purchased.
Mike Steininger
The sales service was fantastic.
I have just started the course and I am finding it really good. The riffs and leads shown make it really easy to learn the rest of the song. Especially slowing down to half speed is great. The sales service was fantastic and left me very impressed. Especially when there was a problem with the disc production, the problem was rectified immediately. Can't wait for volume 5 and hopefully beyond.
Glen Everett
Green Point, Australia
Impressed with the service I received.
Got the disks you promised thanks again for your time and help I was impressed with the service I received from you. Hey you know I checked out (reelin in the years) that piece is a real good work out never thought I would ever be able to pick that up but I've been working on it and with guitar leads it's right under my fingers.
Bob Wood
East Hampton, CT
I can't believe it.
I can't believe it. This is undoubtedly the fastest response I have ever received from a person in the business world. You are to be highly congratulated. You have made my decision easier when it comes time to order more lessons. Thanks again.
Allan Rathbeger

I already use the Tony Alfano Guitar-Leads course and its awesome!
Best learning method one can get .
I think the best learning method that one can get is your courses. I applaud you! I have your 3 CD set now and am watching for a #4 CD or I may purchase a few new songs burnt on to a CD.

Keep me informed. I love your "stuff"
ED Hobenshield
Head and Shoulder above any course.
Tony, I have signed up! I wish I had found this 20 yrs ago...this is heads and shoulders above ANY guitar course I have ever seen. Thank You for sharing this with the rest of us...
David Ostrander.
Bastrop, TX
The licks are very easy to learn.
The course is great. The licks are very easy to learn using the half speed option. I've used a lot of courses and none compare to this one. I hope you will be adding more licks in the future. Please let me know!!
Chip Vickery
Carnsville, GA
I am enjoying the lessons.
I am very satisfied with the course, even though I haven't been through all of it yet. I have in fact nothing negative to say about it, and am enjoying the lessons.
Thank you.
The concept is brilliant!
I think the concept is brilliant! I like that I can hear what it should sound like and having full speed and half speed is great. I would like to see the chord indicated when there is an arpegio. A few spots the fingering position is wrong. While the notes are correct, it makes more sense to go up one string staying in the scale rather than sliding down the neck, positioning yourself out of the scale. Not a big deal though. I would like a bigger selection.
Paul DeAngelo
I think your course is great!!!
I think your course is great!!! I am also, currently learning on the jamorama system. I do think that learning scales and modes is important, and do intend to do so, but the enjoyment of being able to just pick up the guitar and play a solo lick from your lessons is incredible.
Chuck Stovall
Tulsa OK
Well worth it.
Let me say that the original purchase was well worth it. I find it a very good source. I use it often and I am glad I have it. I am looking forward to a few new riffs. I would also like to see some classical pieces added.
Don Willets
Lakeland, Fl
Bottom line, money very well spent.
Still working on Disk one and enjoying the program. I found that having the slow and regular versions of the transcriptions/ recordings to be the real jewel of the program. There is no way I would have been able to learn and play Black Magic Women if I had only the regular speed recording to work from. Even the slow version of some material is difficult but very workable. Bottom line, money very well spent.
Ronald Becker
Keep on rockin'!
I use your product as part of my practice routine and find it very helpful. The quality of the sound is awesome in both speeds. I originally purchased the 4 volume set and had some problems downloading it, but spoke to J. Todd and he quickly remedied that - that was excellent. Later I purchased some new material and it did not download properly. The titles show up on the menu but the music file did not follow. I'll have to get back in touch with Mr. Todd on that one. All in all this is an excellent product and will continue to purchase additional volumes. One suggestion is to include complete solos and not just the recognizable riffs. Good job and keep on rockin'!
Bobby Longo
Puerto Rico
More than fun to work with.
Yes I agree the guitar leads are more than fun to work with, I purchased all 4 volumes at once and am quite thrilled with each and every one of them. I am personally an old time rocker who gets off the lead works of Jerry Lee lewis, Bill Haley and The Comets, Chuck Berry, Elvis's lead Guitarist chops on Jail House Rock, Buddy Holly, and the Great Instrumentalists of the Ventures. One of the greatest chord solos I ever heard was a One Hit Wonder by The Bobby Fuller Four "I Fought The Law" you may consider this high energy beauty to be the all time classic chord solo of all time as far as rock goes. Hope you consider it for future volumes. Oh I almost forgot, "Guitar Boogie shuffle" everybody wants to play this one, its stood the test of time from Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Ventures, right up to Stevie Ray.
Ron Wells
Ontario, Canada
The program has worked great for me.
I just wanted to say that I enjoy your product quite a bit. I was wondering if you were planning on making anymore volumes? I would really like to get some more with some newer content, or maybe some Metallica solos broken apart too. The program has worked great for me and is very cost effective. I learn the music very quickly being able to hear it slow it down and practice. Keep up the good work!
Martin D. Lyness
President, Xeyvn Technologies
I love the leads course...
Tony, I love the leads course you sent. How can I get more new ones? I have 4 courses now. Please let me know when 5 is ready to sell. Thanks,
Mark Hughes
Montgomery, TX
The Sound is Incredible...
I really am impressed with this set of lessons. The sound is incredible, even on my computer speakers. Also, the slow half speed option is very useful. I would actually like to order the remaining sets of leads that I should have ordered the first time.

In all, a fine effort, gentlemen.
James Becker
The Course has been very helpful.
The course has been very helpful, the main thing with guitar leads I have picked up, is to gain accuracy first than work on speed, Maybe slightly longer riffs would help, but I do find them as useful tools to build on.
Jeff Hana
Flowery Branch, GA
Absolutely Awesome
I think that it is absolutely awesome. That right there was worth the money. So as you can tell I really liked the leads pack. I found it made it very easy to start playing some cool stuff. It was right there in front of you and you could listen to it over and over and actually play along with it in the slowed down version until you could play it at full speed. This made it so easy to learn how to play the leads. It just made the learning process so much faster.
Damian Moe
Langley, BC
I was looking for something like this for months...
I'm having alot of fun with it. I have no doubt that it's going to keep me busy for quite some time. Well worth the money invested, and it's helping me to come up with my own lead style. I was looking for something like this for months before I came across your site, and I'm glad I found it...again, thanks...
Guy Miera,
Sparks, NV
Your course is fantastic!
Your course is fantastic! I have been looking for something like this for years. Thank you & look forward eagerly for your new stuff but there's plenty here to keep me busy for a long time!
J. Farah
Cape Coral, FL
The riffs have helped me gain speed and accuracy
Thanks for the great work......I've been enjoying the course from the minute I purchased it and I believe it's really helped improve my playing. I have worked it into my daily practice and now spend at least 1/2 hour daily on just the material in it. The riffs have helped me gain speed and accuracy while allowing me to grow both vertically and horizontally as a guitarist. The best part about it is, they're much more fun to play than scales or boring songs that no one likes. ...Keep up the great work, and make sure you let me know when Vol 5 is available because I'd love to be among the first to purchase it.
Rick Yanac
Winning Concept..
The little Flash executables are ingenious and work great. The sound is loud, clean, and right on the money for tone. The transcriptions are as good as they get, for as far as they go; therein lies one of my few criticisms. The excerpts provided are variable, from the comprehensive (Black Magic Woman) to the abbreviated -- for example, the solo for Purple Haze is only about half of that most famous of introductory riffs, and that's one song that's littered with repeated phrases that, for a Hendrix composition, are unusually accessible to the average guitarist. Overall I'd say you have a winning concept with a useful riff learning tool that is educational, attractive, and entertaining.
James M. Harrison
Columbus, OH
It's a really cool product.
The course is great. What I like best is that it keeps my practicing and playing interesting. If I'm sitting around and don't know what to play I can always open it up and work on something, without the hassle of trying to learn a complete song. It also allows me to discover different playing styles and techniques that I would never learn on my own (I don't have a teacher). Overall It's a really cool product and I look forward to you adding more songs!
Brian Chenoweth
San Diego, CA
"8-1/2" on a scale of 1 to 10
I like the course a lot and give it an "8-1/2" on a scale of 1 to 10. What would have made it a 10? Including video that shows someone performing the solo (so you can see the correct fingering.) I would have paid quite a bit extra to have that.
Parris Lampropoulos
Milford, CT
Can't wait for more courses
Yes I'm really enjoying the course, this has really helped me alot, Can't wait for more courses. Thanks again.
James Fontaine
San Diego, CA
.really like it
I just bought the product and already really like it. I am sure you get lots of requests. :) If possible here are some requests I would really like to see in the future: More Pink Floyd, Rush, Government Mule
Mark Kennedy
Boulder, CO
The leads are fantastic, I'd love it if you included cords and rhythm work
Daniel Gurian
Hollywood, FL
How cool - kudos, bro's.
I liked your site, am considering your lessons, and REALLY appreciated that all your e-mails had a return address on them - in these days and times it's reassuring that someone will stand in front of their product/services. How cool - kudos, bro's.
Bryce Harris
Cincinnati, OH
the sound quality was excellent much better than learning from MIDI files
I learned a lot from this material and the sound quality was excellent much better than learning from MIDI files. However, after learning the leads it made me want to go further and learn the entire song. Also it would be good to have leads from a particular guitarist instead of many different styles. Overall, I was very satisfied and would make another purchase in the future.
Bruce Hinch
Pittsburg, PA
..half speed was incredibly useful
I have tried the course, and I like it very much. Being able to slow the music to half speed is extremely helpful. I was playing some of the tunes during my first session. Again, half speed was incredibly useful, with "I Know a Little", since there's so much going on in that tune, and it's played fast.

I would like to see more classic blues songs, but that's just a personal thing. Thanks for listening.
Brad Johnson
Willmar , MN
I am not sure I would change anything.
I have really enjoyed the Guitar Leads course. I am not sure I would change anything. Maybe add the chords for all of the commercial songs. It just took a while to figure some of them out. Still working on others. Thanks.
James Brubacker
Austin, TX
Enjoying my leads course immensely.
I have been enjoying my leads course immensely and recall, during the ordering process, that there was an option for ordering hard copies and accompanying CDs.. Since my music room is not computer-equipped and the library where I do have to course is not conveniently located near my gear, I would like to know how I can order the books/CDs for the entire course (1-4)
Dave Gunter
Sandpoint, ID
PS - I've told a couple friends about the course and plan to keep spreading the word on what I think is an excellent product.
PPS - When can I buy #5? ;)
I loved your software.
I loved your software. I'd like more Allman Brothers tunes! It would also be cool if you could have the tablature highlight the note being played, so it would be easier to keep up. Thanks and keep them coming!
Mitchell Forlenza
Cheshire, CT
You should have 40 lessons, not 4!
I'm loving it. I've nailed down the lead to Hotel California and One of These Nights. You should have 40 lessons, not 4! More! More! More!!!
Tony DeFreece
I am living proof that it is simple for blind people to use as well.
I am just writing to say that once I eventually worked out how to use it, it is simplicity itself, and I am living proof that it is simple for blind people to use as well. Without a shadow of a doubt I will be ordering all and any CD's that you bring out, it is the most perfect way of learning guitar lead that I have ever seen. Finally, I would like to thank you for all the help I was given along the way, and hope that you bring out many more CD's. Thank you
Scottie, UK
This is really a good guitar course
Thanks for the information. I was successful. This is really a good guitar course. It has some choice licks that I have wanted to learn for a long time.
D. Simmons
Address Withheld
Value for the money.
Thank you. What I bought from you is REALLY, REALLY VALUE FOR MONEY. What I can say... the products are simply fantastic! Thanks again.
Sazale Saar

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