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s a kid, I was always looking for shortcuts so I could avoid work. Work to me was taking guitar lessons. Why would anyone want to do that! I didn't want to take lessons and have to practice. I just want to play my guitar and have fun. I avoided lessons like the plague.

For a while the joke was on me, because my refusal to take lessons meant that I had to teach myself... and since I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing, I was spending more time and effort teaching myself, than I would have had I just taken lessons. Looking back, I must admit, my adolescent obstinacy was pretty stupid.

Tony (middle) with Beach Boys' legends, Bruce Johnston and Mike Love in 2005. Tony has been on stage and performed with the Beach Boys four times

But there was a silver lining. If I was going to learn anything, and fulfill my dream of being an accomplished guitar player, I had to find a way to teach myself that worked! After years of stumbling around, using a trial and error, do-it-yourself, approach I finally stumbled upon something that worked. Not only did it work well... it was fun... and as you know from what I have said earlier FUN for me is an important part of learning to play guitar.

This guitar learning approach that I found is not rocket science. In fact it is quite simple and straight-forward and is based upon common sense. Aren't most really good ideas?

What I did was to go to people that already knew how to play guitar: Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn... Well you get the picture. Of course, I couldn't go to them directly or personally.. but I bought their albums and listened to them. And then, I would find a song I wanted to learn and begin to break it apart. I would listen to it over and over and over again until I practically wore out the needle on my turntable. Why? Because before I could even attempt to play the song I needed to hear what notes were being played and how they were being played. As I figured this out, I wrote a rough form of tablature for myself. Finally after hours and hours on a single song just to get the correct notes, I would begin to practice... oops there's that dirty word again. But to me it wasn't practice because I WANTED to learn this song because I liked it ... and I wanted to be able to play it like the record. Today, some 30 plus years later this is still the basic way that I learn new music.

My Simple, Common Sense Lessons
Are So Much Fun That You Will Actually
Look Forward To Practicing

My Guitar Leads Learning Approach is based upon this same simple, common sense, tried-and-true approach. Moreover, it has been coupled with and enhanced by modern technology to make it even easier and better than what it was when I first stumbled upon it.

The Guitar Leads Master Volume contains over 425 practice segments from more than 80 classic rock (and a few other genres) songs. I have done ALL of the work — and have put all of that effort into these lessons.

  • I have recorded all of the practice segments using my vintage Fender and Givson guitars. The real guitar audio is really crank-up-the-volume quality.
  • All of the pactice segment audio has also been provided at half speed and full speed. This is a crucial learning element that I didn't have when I was learning. By slowing the audio down, you are able to hear WHAT individual note is being played, as well as HOW it is played... hammer on, pull off,
    bend, slide, etc.
  • The audio component is interactive so you can play either the full speed or half speed audio continuously without it ever pausing, giving you the advantage of this constant repetition to enhance your learning.
  • I have transcribed each and every practice segment. I did not resort to the junk tablature found all over the internet. I painstakingly listen to and transcribed spot-on-dead-accurate tablature for each of the 425 plus practice segments.
  • Winning Concept

    The little Flash executables are ingenious and work great. The sound is loud, clean, and right on the money for tone. The transcriptions are as good as they get, for as far as they go; therein lies one of my few criticisms. The excerpts provided are variable, from the comprehensive (Black Magic Woman) to the abbreviated -- for example, the solo for Purple Haze is only about half of that most famous of introductory riffs, and that's one song that's littered with repeated phrases that, for a Hendrix composition, are unusually accessible to the average guitarist. Overall I'd say you have a winning concept with a useful riff learning tool that is educational, attractive, and entertaining.

    James M. Harrison

    Columbus, OH
  • Moving at the speed of light

    Your leads course is incredible, I've been playing almost four years and been looking for something just like this. I am self taught and coming along well, but this course has me moving at a speed of learning that I never thought was possible, I am deeply in your debt.

    Jim Lyons

    Brimley, MI
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Practicing the Guitar or Playing A Song?
With My Approach You Do Both Because...
Lessons Are Based On Classic Rock Songs

The older I get the more interesting life becomes. In some ways this learning approach that I stumbled upon decades ago - and all of the extra effort (both time and money) I expended in pursuit of it is paying off. Not only have I achieved my dreams of being a accomplished guitar player - (more on that in a minute) - but this system, this approach I use is what most people are interested in today. Indeed, life has come full circle.

I would dare to hazard a guess that most of you are NOT terribly interested in practicing for the sake of practicing. Less face it , although we know that learning theory and practicing scales, and doing fingering exercises is all time well spent - most of you really aren't into that.

Most of you have a full time job, lots of responsibilities and not a lot of free time. When you are fortunate to have some time to pick the guitar up - I'm guessing that your interest is the same one that I had almost forty years ago.... You just want to play the guitar and have fun. You are not terribly interested in well - practicing.

Truth be told, using the Guitar Leads Master Volume lessons is a form of practicing, BUT because of the use of real guitar audio and the use of classic guitar songs as the basis of the lessons, I don't think of it as practice... and I don't think you will either.

One other very important point... I mention in the headline, at the very top of the page "667% faster". Let me explain this stat. In a survey we did of our customers we asked them how important they viewed the ½ speed audio feature found in the Guitar Leads lessons. We were blown away. On average they told us that this feature increased their ability to learn by 667%. The moral of the story... although my approach is fun... it is also an extremely potent approach to learning guitar songs and guitar leads.

Try a Mini Version Of The Course And
Decide For Yourself

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Now this may sound like a nice story, even a compelling one to you, but - Why should you believe me? And why should you accept the fact that it will work for you?

I am about to give you some evidence as to why you should in a minute - and I think that it is compelling evidence... but the bottom line is: YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE MY WORD - or anyone else's word for it. In fact there is only ONE person I would trust if I were you - and that is YOU.

It shouldn't matter if Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana or your favorite guitar player in the whole world were to tell you this is a great course. The bottom line is - that's a decision for you to make and no one else.

That is why I am offering you with no strings attached, Volume 1 of Guitar Leads, absolutely free. You need to try it, kick the tires, take it for a test drive. If you don't like it, fine. It's no big deal to me. We have more than 13,000 customers in 65 plus countries around the world as a testament to its value in helping them learn guitar and guitar soloing. If you don't like it you aren't going to hurt my feelings. But I am betting that not only are you going to like it, but you are going to want to have it for yourself. That's why it's a no-risk trial for you and a no-loss proposition for us, regardless of your decision.

Volume 1 currently is sold on our site for $29 and contains 47 practice segments from 14 classic rock songs. It's yours free for the asking! Just complete the above form and we'll send you instantaneously and email that contains a link to Volume 1 for you to download and try.

The A List...

Below is a table of contents for the Guitar Leads Master Volume. Only a portion is shown in the present view but you can scroll down thru this list AND you can click any song name if you'd like to hear small snippet of guitar audio from that song.

You Get More Than 425 Lead And Practice Segments From More Than 80 Classic Rock Songs
Each Lessons Include Full and ½ Speed Audio,
Accurate Tabs, and Crank-Up-The-Volume Audio
(click the song name to listen)

A Few Words About Me...

April 6, 2002

Dear Tony,
What a pleasure meeting you- I wish I could sing and play like you my friend- I wish nothing but the best for you"... -


Billy Swan
Recording Artist
#1 Hit Song, I Can Help


You may want to skip this next section because it is about me—and you might find it boring. However, in many ways, I am the luckiest guy in the world. When I was young I dreamed a dream – and now I have lived my dream.

You may have noted my picture at the top of the page with the Beach Boys. I have had the great fortune of being invited on stage to play WITH them on four occasions when my regular band has opened for them at concerts. Likewise I have but on stage with Jan & Dean, Billy Swan, JJ Jackson, The Temptations, Danny and The Juniors, and Chuck Berry.

I currently play with the nations premiere nostalgic rock band, Phil Dirt and the Dozers where I a lead singer and lead guitarist. In this capacity with the Dozers, I have been part of the opening act for dozens of well known groups including: Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Mary Wilson (of the Supremes), Little Anthony and the Imperials, Louis Mandrel, The Everly Brothers, Gary Puckett, Grand Funk, The Dooby Brothers, Little Richard, The Pointer Sisters, The Coasters, and many, many more.

Guitar Leads Quality

Excellent value and a superb study tool

Here’s What You Get When
You Order

What started out as 4 volumes, grew to five and then six and now it is 8. In the past we have sold these individual volumes for $29.95 each. However, we recently decided to combine all of these volumes into ONE large volume... We call it the Guitar Leads Master Volume.

  • _
  • 425 leads from 80+ classic rock guitar songs
  • Each riff contains full and half speed audio
  • Audio loops continuously and can be stopped and stared on demand
  • Each riff contains accurate tabs so you can play along with it.
  • Runs on Mac or Windows
  • Installs like software, no internet connection necessary
  • 90 day, 100% money back guarantee
  • _
  • How to read guitar tabs
  • Tony’s fundamental guitar course
  • How To Start a Band
  • 5 part blues backing track lesson
  • 18 part guitar fundamentals lesson

Your Order is Backed By my ...
Our Full Service Support Desk
Originally $249.00
But Now
Only $49.95

If I haven't convinced you of the quality and value of this course, then please don't order; go take a spin around the web and try to find another like it. When you've come up empty handed and come back.. I'll be waiting.

Keep On Playin,


Mr. Tony Aja

Guitar Leads Master Volume Developer
Learn2Jam Guitar Soloing System
Professional Musician & Lead Guitarist

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