Boston — More Than a Feeling

The creation of the band, BOSTON, was a phenomenon that happened just about 30 years ago in 1976 and the mastermind behind it all is Tom Scholz, born in Toledo, Ohio in 1947. He started off by playing keyboard with various Boston area bands at night, while attending M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. It all started with a meeting with drummer Jim Masdea and singer Brad Delp, when they started to experiment with recording music in Tom’s basement.

The emergence of BOSTON was quite an incredible event. A band with no profile, no name, no connections in the music industry and virtually no followers of their music lands a deal with a major company in U.S.A.; CBS/Epic. The band was named» Boston» and Tom Scholz re-recorded the music that was originally created in his own basement for the first debut album.

The album was self-titled as «Boston» and released in 1976. Amazingly enough, Boston turned out to be the biggest-selling debut album of all times. It has sold over 17 million copies till now and remains popular with all classic rock radio stations all across North America and the rest of the world.Boston’s first album was almost entirely written by Scholz, with Brad Delp writing «Let Me Take You Home Tonight» and co-writing «Smokin’.» The album stayed on the charts for almost two years and it peaked at #3. «More Than a Feeling» was BOSTON’s debut single, peaking at #5 on the charts. For those lovers of great music and song writing, Boston band tab is an incredible piece of art that you will like to play even today.


The music talent of Boston was suitably rewarded when they were nominated for a Grammy Award as the «Best New Artist» of the year. The Rolling Stone magazine rated Boston as the Best New Band and Time magazine called the album as one of the Top 5 of 1976. With all these prestigious feathers in their cap, Boston released their follow-up album «Don’t Look Back» in 1978 that has sold over 7 million copies. The next Boston album, «Third Stage» was recorded without the use of electronic gadgets or synthesizers to create sounds that relate to human experience of a journey into life’s third stage. Boston guitar riff is a unique sound of music that captivates every music lover. «Walk On» was the 4th Boston album, completed 7 years after the release of «Third Stage». And finally, Boston released their Greatest Hits album, which remains one of the most sought after albums by any artist.

Tom Scholz is a dare devil and even at an age close to 60, he is constantly involved in re-mastering the music that was created almost 3 decades back. Boston’s debut album and «Don’t Look Back», have been just reissued in a new re-mastered version that sounds fuller, enhanced and without the screech factor from Boston lead guitars.

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