B.T.O. — Brick in the Wall

B.T.O. (Bachman-Turner Overdrive) is one of the most successful Canadian rock groups from Winnipeg, Manitoba that has kept the wheel rolling after the breakup of legendary Canadian band, The Guess Who (American Woman fame) in late 1969. Randy Bachman and Chad Allan (from The Guess Who) got together with Robbie Bachman and Fred Turner to form the band Brave Belt that was predecessor to B.T.O. After releasing two fairly successful albums, Chad Allan was replaced by the third of the Bachman brothers, Tim Bachman and this new band adopted the name of Bachman-Turner Overdrive (B.T.O.). Their self-titled debut album was released in the spring of 1973. The roaring success of B.T.O. started with their second album Bachman-Turner Overdrive II. This album created a sensation not only in Canada and the U.S.A., but also all across the world. «Takin’ Care of Business», written by Randy Bachman became their best-remembered single and was acclaimed as an international hit.

B.T.O. was hailed as one the greatest hard rock bands and enjoyed a string of hit albums and singles in the 1970s. Their selection of catchy melodies and clean music was a perfect blend that appealed to music lovers everywhere. Powerful B.T.O. guitar riff became their trademark. The band lived and promoted a moralistic lifestyle and stayed away from drugs and alcohol.

After the success of the second album, Tim Bachman decided to leave the group and went on to become a record producer. He was replaced by Blair Thornton, and the band released the next album «Not Fragile», with the modified lineup in 1974. Once again, the album was a big success, including the #1 hit single «You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet», also written by Randy. The band continued to produce successful albums through the mid-1970s, including Four Wheel Drive and Head On (both 1975) and Freeways in 1977. B.T.O.’s success and popularity in a short time is unparalleled in the history of rock music and their achievements are backed by an impressive list of awards.

1974: Juno Award winner, Most Promising Group of the Year

1975: Juno Award winner, Group of the Year

1976: Juno Award winner, Group of the Year


1978: Juno Award nomination, Group of the Year

More than 30 years later and some 20 millions LPs and CD sold, B.T.O.’s music still enjoys the status of classic rock today and their songs never stop being appreciated. B.T.O. continues to entertain the world with their classic rock songs, with the vocals of C.F. Turner on «GIMME YOUR MONEY PLEASE», «BLUE COLLAR», «LET IT RIDE», «ROLL ON DOWN THE HIGHWAY», «NOT FRAGILE», «FOUR WHEEL DRIVE», «TAKE IT LIKE a MAN», «TAKIN’ CARE of BUSINESS», «YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET», «HEY YOU» and more. B.T.O. guitar lead and B.T.O. band tab continue to be sought after by new upcoming bands as a source of inspiration.

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